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Being flexible within our guidelines and by treating every deal on its merits, we should be able to provide a financial package to suit your clients’ individual needs.  A quick e-mail, or phone call, to one of our Lenders is always recommended.

If your client has been declined finance elsewhere, we may be able to look at their application in a different way, provided we have “all the information”, and be comfortable with offering them finance.  If there are genuine reasons for any past problems, we should be able to provide a financial package to suit their individual needs. Basecorp Finance will accept applications on any application form provided it contains all the normal, relevant information required.

Our Deed of Loan and Security Agreement is simple and, along with all other loan documentation, may be e-mailed to you, or the client’s solicitor, when the loan is approved.  Which option is utilised will depend upon the size of the loan and type of security being provided.

We will draw down loans upon receipt of copies of all executed documentation and when all conditions have been met.  Initially we will accept fax copies providing the broker or Solicitor undertakes to forward originals to our office thereafter.

Brokerage fees can be added to the loan amount and will be paid direct to the Broker.

Other Broker/Client Benefits Available

  • When solicitors are required, we only instruct the borrower’s solicitor, therefore only one set of legal fees to be paid.
  • Real Estate market appraisals may be satisfactory (subject to locality of proposed security and LVR). The cost of a valuation is saved by your client.
  • Broker remuneration is paid direct from loan advance at drawdown and paid direct to brokers nominated account
  • Fees are agreed prior to documenting the loan
  • Basecorp is generally relaxed at what fees are charged, although such must be ‘reasonable’
  • Client mandate for fees exceeding 1% is required

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